“Creating healthy and effective groups capable of responding to new challenges is perhaps the most important task facing the human community of today”

Susan Wheelan, from “Group Processes”, 2004


What is its purpose?

Through a modular programme and set of “tools” and techniques specifically dedicated to groups we support Organisations in creating and developing High Performing Teams, managing, in the most effective manner and attentive to the well-being of people, all of the phases of a group’s life cycle in the work context, from creation to termination.




  • Using valid, predictive and reliable information we support the decisions related to people, external or internal candidates, who are added to an existing group or form a new Team, in order to ensure, as far as possible, productive and empowering interpersonal dynamics between all the members and between them and the designated leader;
  • We support the Company (all of the Team’s Company stakeholders) and the Team Leader during the initial period of the life of a work group, through a rapid diagnosis and active consulting support, accelerating the process to build the Team’s identity and evolution necessary for achieving an initial satisfactory productivity level;
  • We support the groups and the Team Leaders who are faced with impasses, dissatisfaction due to the quality/quantity of achieved results, clear or underlying conflicts, etc. through an expert diagnosis (On-line questionnaires available 24 hours in more than 20 languages) and a structured intervention that lets them once again undertake an evolution path towards an extraordinary level of performance and of well-being and motivation (like a real Team!);
  • We prepare the Company and the group to face the difficult time of succession of the Team Leader or some Team members to ensure stability for performance and level of satisfaction and motivation of the entire Team;
  • We support the Team at the time of its termination to capitalise on the successful experience and make it available to the Company and disseminate it through the members’ participation in future Teams or in the position of future Team Leaders!




How does it work?

The main steps:

  • Acquisition of a clear and strong mandate at the highest level involved
  • Half-day kick-off with the group and activation of useful diagnostics based on the group’s objectives and current situation (3 Possible prospectives: Evolution Stages, Collective Skills and Group Relationships);
  • Holding a group feedback day (awareness) and activation of empowerment aimed at identifying specific action plans for development;
  • Final meeting for sharing the most effective and sustainable Development Programme towards the full evolution maturity of the Team (“Generativity and Renewal” stage)


What tools are used?

We use some innovative and tested instruments for the diagnosis and an original model for orienting the group’s evolution path:

  • On-line questionnaire for the diagnosis of the group’s Evolution Stage and focus on evolution challenges that the group has to face (“Evolution” Prospective);
  • On-line questionnaire for assessing Collective Skills (“Skills” Prospective);
  • Simulation tool that allows to “map” the quality and intensity of all the interpersonal dynamics present in the group according to the theories of Kurt Lewin (Group Relationships Prospective);
  • The original TeamGlider® Model for the Evolution Programme through the integration of all the previous outputs;
  • Several tools and techniques typical of Business Coaching and Performance Coaching adapted for Team Coaching.


How long does it last?

Around 3 weeks to activate, orient, empower and support the group in its commitment towards its evolution and improvement of performance and climate (following the shared Team Development Programme) – (maximum of 26 h. for the Team Leader, including the time spent with the group and maximum 15 h. for the whole group).