The automotive world is plenty of opportunities, a network of routes, a world that is complex and challenging at the same time.

By defining a Vision and giving specific, significant tools, we can help firms achieve their strategic goals.

Various projects, which have been fruitful in terms of ideas and innovation, have made us develop competences for the development of Sales and Distribution Networks within the Automotive sector.
In particular we planned and devised unique interventions: Coaching for a Dealer Network; After-sales: training and development for all roles in Customer Service (non technical); Sales: training and development for all roles in Sales; Motivation systems for the whole workforce; Product launch; National and international contests for all roles in non technical After-sales.

Our interventions support firms that are facing change, that are acquiring new and important competences, that are increasing the quality of their performance, not only in terms of profitability, which is essential for the survival and good health of a company, but also in terms of Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty.

We are proud to have developed and administered several Business Games as tools to experiment and activate knowledge and awareness in the management of sales and after-sales processes.

Through the Business Game it is possible to involve managers in refining their decision making processes, thus bringing the company to success and satisfying Clients along with the whole Team.