“A system is not able to find within itself the rules

for changing its rules”

Gregory Bateson


What is it for?

We use some of the tools from professional coaching approach to support Entrepreneurs, CEOs or Steering Committees in their strategic thinking activity aimed to design and achieve the desired change.

Some key aspects that you can focus on through the proposed methodology are:

– The most sensitive levers to generate the expected change.

– The “stability points” of the system.

– The most attractive and motivating goals.

– The strategy behind excellent system performance.

– The characteristic and fundamental aspects of corporate identity and those already evolving.

These aspects are crucial to formulate goals and success plans considering the opportunities and threats present in the business environment.


What are the possible Outcomes within the different areas of intervention?

  • Strategy / Strategic Planning

Expanding the scope of past successful strategies (you “Excellence Strategies”).

Strengthening the “typical” strategy according to changed conditions.

Specifying the “structure” of your “Excellence Strategies” and specify the different ways to deploy them.

Ensure greater applicability of the strategy.


  • Change / evolution

Selecting what is more appropriate to change depending on the objectives and the safeguarding of system stability 

Focusing on what is more effective and less risky

Ensuring the success of change (obtaining large social consensus and overcoming resistances)

  • Decision / direction?

Apprising the correct value of the different involved variables (what needs to be safeguarded, what are the criteria for evaluating the goodness of the decisions?)

Motivating the different choices


How does it work?

The main steps:

– Acquisition of a clear and strong mandate at the highest-level of responsibility present in the system.

– Conduction of 2-3 semi-structured meetings (3-4 hours each) with the group or groups of selected managers.

– Re-elaboration, analysis and systematization of the information collected and of the observations made.

– Reports delivery and feedback meetings with the Client (CEO, Top Management, etc.) and with the involved groups.


What kind of specific tools?

We’ll apply, according to the innovative approach of System Coaching, some tools for the diagnosis and systematization of information related to the Company’s organizational and social system such as:

– Identity Matrix (by Robert Dilts) used to capturing the different aspects of an evolving system.

– SCORE (a very helpful scheme to identify and correlate the different variables involved in the system change).

– Analysis of Excellence cases for the identification of the Excellence Strategy

– The Logical Levels Theory (Robert Dilts: to identify the different possible levels of learning and change)


How long could it last?

From 1 to 3 months.