What is its purpose?

In an increasingly complex and uncertain competitive environment Companies need to balance their focus on short-term profit paying attention to continuity. The ability to correctly interpret all of the aspects related to Compliance, the ability to manage uncertainties and the risks connected with innovation processes and continuous organisational evolution are currently the key skills of every Management Team and, all in all, of the entire Organisation.

Therefore, Success Continuity ™ represent the project that was born from the cooperation between VERA Consulting and IAS Compliance & Coaching Academy. This project aimed to support Companies finding clear answers to those two fundamental questions:

  1. What are the real “pillars” of Company continuity? In other words, what are the key conditions that govern the strengthening or weakening of a Company’s ability to extend over time and space?
  2. What new, systemic and quick interventions could a Company launch in order to significantly increase its future success trend probability?

In order to achieve meaningful answers to these questions we designed and refined an action-research methodology able to guide the exploitation, enhancement and the development of the resources, already available within the Organizations, towards the Continuity goal.


How does it work?

The 4 Pillars

To ensure its Success Continuity™ a Company must be underpinned by four Pillars.

  • Trust – Ability to gain a high level of Trust and to develop widespread well-being

Gaining high level of confidence of all the Stakeholders in relation to the Company/Brand (e.g. Employees, Customers and Suppliers, Consumer associations, Institutions and Citizen Representatives, etc.).

  • Knowledge – Ability to develop Knowledge and innovation

Updating and development of technological, economic, organisational and social knowledge.

  • Value – Ability to generate, over time, Economic-Financial Value

Being efficient in realizing its main purpose (cost effectiveness) and generating profit, Return on Capital and Shareholder value.

  • DNA – Ability to transform its Distinctive Pillar (DNA) into actual long-lasting value:

The Company’s distinctive Pillar, essential element of the Company’s identity and one of the main success factors on the market so far (e.g. ability to develop innovation, attitude towards risk, ability to develop cutting-edge technology, etc.), represents the needed element of stability (“Strategy of Excellence”, “Organising Principle”, “Founding Value/Mission”, etc.) in designing a compelling evolution path towards a higher degree of Success Continuity™.

The 4 Factors

To ensure solidity of the Pillars over time, the Companies need to best manage the systemic relationship between the 4 factors:

  • Processes & Systems
  • Individuals
  • Groups & Communities
  • Compliance



Success over time is correlated with the harmony of the system generated by lively and effective relationships between the Pillars and Factors.

The intervention logic

The action-research methodology refined by VERA and IAS School offers a multi-perspective and multidisciplinary approach which fully guide and support Companies in the current evolutionary stage.

In particular:

  • We will support Companies in starting a first verification process of the actual alignment of the Company itself to the requirements that guarantee Continuity through a rapid and extensive diagnosis on the “health status” of the Pillars. A concise expression of the “lively harmony” between pillars and factors is the Success Continuity Index™ that you can obtain (together with a first overview about the solidity of each Pillar) completing The Success Continuity™ Questionnaire (click the link below).


Take the Questionnaire


[In order to achieve a more objective and valid outcomes we suggest you to propose to or to share the Questionnaire with other top Executives roles within the company].

  • We will provide accurate indications related to the Pillars-Factors where it is most opportune to invest to ensure to your Company a robust Success Continuity™.
  • We will accompany the Company and the Management Team to conceive and implement opportune interventions to create the alignment necessary for guaranteeing the Success Continuity™. The possible interventions will involve one or more Pillars and will leverage from one to four Factors through different complexity and duration projects.


For example:

  • Development Projects of High Performance Groups responsible for a Process/organisational Unit with monitoring and commitment to increase specific KPIs
  • “Nudging communication” project to increase/guarantee fulfilment and adhesion to the expected practices aimed at individuals by leveraging the daily interaction with devices and company systems …
  • Training programmes aimed at increasing the positive impact of Compliance culture and consequent behaviours on real processes that involve real groups that share the same business/support process, etc.