The fascinating part of the optical universe is in the knowledge of materials and in its specific links to the world of fashion and face fitting.

Screening eyes from sun rays or correcting a defective vision nowadays is not simply an obligation but also a pleasure related to the choice of frames, colours and brands that surprise us for their elegance and variety.

An excellent buying experience needs great technical expertise and attention to detail.

The training courses, which are tailor-made for this sector, comprise luxury experiences to approach the sale, which is transformed in a unique moment, one that wins the mind and the heart of the final client.

Our aim, both for the on-site coaching and the advanced training courses, is to transform learning in practice sessions that are innovative and that highlight the experiential dimension within shops. This will elevate sale to an unforgettable moment.

Our clients are Opticians, Sales people, Consultants, and Trainers. For all of them, the objective is to make glasses a pleasant experience for the wearer.