An immersive experience, a scent that brings you in a loved place, a feeling of serendipity when you find the perfect lip color, or eyeshadow… these are just a few of the ingredients that characterise our work in the Cosmetic world.

The final Client becomes a desired object that needs to be pampered, seduced, and be made feel unique.

Our interventions are aimed at guiding Beauty Consultants through the learning of emotionally involving techniques that can delight and surprise the customer while s/he experience the product. These are the trademark of a consultancy for high-end sales.

In order to achieve a distinguished sales technique in this sector, we plan Atéliers that help participants find their own specificity and uniqueness. Some examples of Atéliers are the Atélier d’Art; Atélier de Théâtre; Atélier De Voix; Atélier de Musique; Atelier Du Paysage.